jaimeHi friends! Farm Girl Legacy Shop was founded in 2021 by me, Jaime Schechter. I grew up on a small family farm in central Kansas. My dad ran the farm along with my grandpa. We lived about a mile from my grandparents and our houses were connected by a private road. It was an idyllic childhood! I spent many hours with my grandma. She taught me to bake (particularly orange chiffon cakes), garden (oh those yummy strawberries!), and craft. My fondest memories are from us spending time in the kitchen and while our creation was baking we would sit down to “rest”. During those rest times Grandma would pick up her project, usually crochet, and teach me about what she was working on that day.

Many years went by and I didn’t crochet or craft much while I was in high school, college, or as a young mother but one day I was inspiried to pick it back up. Surprisingly I was able to remember easily how to crochet and made several blankets for friends and relatives. In 2019 my grandmother passed away. While helping to clean out her possessions, I found a half finished doily and the pattern for it. I was comforted by finishing the doily and was surprised by how much I enjoyed crocheting with thread. That lead me on a hunt for projects I could make that involved crochet thread and my love for crocheted earrings was born. I love to dabble in many different crafts, as you will discover on my site, but this is the story of how it all began. Thank you for reading!